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Updated March, 2023

VISION In 1997, John B. Loveland MMsc founded New Earth Foundation™. His vision for New Earth Foundation was, and it still is, assisting to create an enhanced worldwide awareness, manifesting as universal peace and respect for all forms of life, the responsible use of Earth’s resources in sustainable ways, and a common realization that all is interconnected and One. New Earth Foundation envisions greater wisdom in handling human affairs, an increased understanding of other cultures by education, and the willingness to cooperate.

MISSION It is New Earth Foundation’s mission of peace and delight to fund innovative, humanitarian projects according to the vision of New Earth Foundation, from community efforts that create models of social sustainability, to educational innovations that prepare youth to be future socially responsible leaders; from strategies that offer economic advances, to environmental initiatives that curb pollution and save the planet’s precious resources and earth's natural biosphere.

THE POWER BEHIND THE MISSION Through donations from people like you and through sustainable investing, New Earth Foundation is able to give grants to a wide variety of leading-edge projects. Your donation truly makes the difference at New Earth Foundation!

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· New Earth Foundation was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize 2018, among over 300 Nominees.

· In 2017 New Earth Foundation celebrated it's 20th year of granting.

· New Earth Foundation's Founder and President received a
Spirit of Sedona Award as Philanthropist of the Year 2013.



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